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Vmware ESXi installation on HP Proliant ML110 Server

Well, I finally succumbed to the lure of buying an ML110 G5 for my home server test lab. just added RAM memory, which is currently 2 x 2GB DDR2 800 DIMM’s.

Thank you to the google, There have been some great conversations between people on this blog relaying their experiences (good and bad) on the running version of VMware ESX 6 on their ML110.

Installation Required VMware ESXi

  1. Download VMware ESXi from Vmware website and after downloading ISO image write on DVD.
  2. Change settings from BIOS – Advanced – Advanced chipset control- Change the ‘Native Mode Operation’ from the default setting of ‘Auto’ to ‘Serial ATA’
  3. Change settings from BIOS – Advanced- Next, from the ‘Advanced’ drop-down menu, select ‘Advanced Processor Options’ and ‘Enable’ the ‘Intel Virtualization Technology (VT)’ setting.
  4. Save BIOS settings and restart the server with the ESX 3i installation CD still in the CD/DVD drive then boot to VMware ESXi DVD on startup.
  5. Select the HDD disk to install – F11 to confirm the installation and finally ready for operation.

After installation completed. When you connect to it using the
Vmware client to the local machine on the same network to access server.

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