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Weekend Travel Experience

My aim to start every weekend was to think that the maximum place visits as soon as possible.

Travel is the ultimate bonding experience. Journeying far from home, to exotic landscapes and unfamiliar cultures, provides the type of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that strengthen the relationship between travel companions.

I know most of the travelers who are choosing to share their adventure with a wife, daughter, or friend.

Their reasons are many. Some prefer not to travel solo, some don’t want to miss out because a partner can or no longer wants to travel, and some simply enjoy the companionship and quality time an adventure presents. But whatever their reason, these travelers have shared that they’ve experienced unforgettable moments with their travel companions that are made all the more special for being shared with a friend.

In my experience, I have visited many places in UAE and India. My favorite place includes Jebel Jais, Jebel Hafeet from Ras Al Khaimah in UAE. The highest mountain in the UAE and a long way to drive. Amazing view of the sunset and a great view of the sea from the top of the mountain.

In the google map, I have reviewed many restaurants in UAE. if I feel good to give positive feedback review and in case not good then give low rank to them.

I must tell you without google map help I may know out know these places and roads.

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