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Avaya IP Phone: Fix Button Features Invalid

IP Office: Server failover is not working. When IP Phones roll to secondary server error message on phones “Feature Buttons Invalid” phones don’t work

How to Fix ?


• If the IP phones do not have appearance buttons they will display “”Button Features Invalid”.
• IF the IP phone register on failover, they will display “”Button Features Invalid” if the phone from the primary server failover and the Secondary server does not have the same User Rights with the same name as the User Rights in the primary.
• IN order to have the buttons carry over on failover:
o A User Rights must be in the Primary and the Secondary with the same user right name.
o The User Rights can be removed from the Primary and Secondary Server and created in the Solution portion of the Centralized managements. The user right will follow the user both on Failover and Hot desk .
o IN order for the User right in the solutions, the Primary and Secondary server must be rebooted after the changed,.

Default when we create extension number, there are three programming buttons already created in the BUTTON PROGRAMMING tab

In button programming each user must have at least one appearance button on Avaya sets.
Without that you get the “invalid button” message.


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